The Railroad Passenger Car Numbering Bureau (RPCNB) established in 2002 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Railroad Passenger Car Alliance, and provides member services for that organization.  Great Lakes Railcar is providing day to day management of this member service.  Please use the contact form or phone number to the right to reach RPCNB.

RPCNB provides car and locomotive Umler services for the RPCA members under the RPCNB assigned reporting mark.  RPCNB provides services to our member shops to upload inspections, such as air date and loco inspections through the RPCNB assigned shop code.

Another service offered is movement assistance.  If you do not know how to move your car or just would like someone else to handle a movement, RPCNB through one of our member companies can assist you!  The member company will charge you for this service!  Contact RPCNB at the phone number to the right or use the Contact RPCNB form to the right for a referral!

RPCNB President is Henry Weller.   Dan and Pamm Monaghan currently run the day to day operations.  Both may be reached using the contact form to the right.

Subscribers must be a current RPCA member in good standing to use this service.  Our Subscription year runs from July 1 to June 30th.  Subscription for your equipment must be re-newed annually.  

For more details on the requirements involved, please read the "Procedural Changes" page.

Procedural changes are comming to RPCNB and Umler registration!

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